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WOL, PKM und die digitalisierte Arbeitswelt- eine Einordnung

Was für ein Jahr! Nein, das sage ich nicht jeden Dezember, dieses Jahr war wirklich ein besonderes. Mit vielen Höhen, aber auch Tiefen. Mit ganz viel Gelerntem.

A very brief introduction to Personal Knowledge Management

At first sight, it does not seem that Personal Knowledge Management has a lot to do with Collaborative intelligence or Social learning. But actually, it has a lot to do with it!

Visualize your knowledge!

Currently I am working on a project that includes visualisation of information and knowledge, respectively. Visualisations can help to clarify information, to compress large amounts of information, to transfer knowledge, to trigger insights in the viewer, and to support the creation of new knowledge by stimulating imaginary.

Technology, Organization, Humans

Humans, Organisation and Technology are considered the three cornerstones of KM. Technology is the easy one. Design and implementation of information and communication infrastructures and tools.

This service has shut down

So it’s this time of the year when Jane Hart compiles her Top 200 Tools for Learning. It’s her 10th list of tools that help people in professional and personal learning, workplace learning, and education, and it’s based on votings by learning professionals worldwide.

Are you connected to me on LinkedIn? Find your dot!

I recently stumbled upon Socilab, a very neat web service that enables you to visualize your LinkedIn Network. Socilab is open source, and its idea is to educate people about their social network data and to make analysis more accessible for everday users

Enabling the human factor in knowledge management: Web 2.0 and Social Media

While for a long time KM was very technology-driven, and while this happened in a period technology just started to evolve and mainly delivered tools like databases or first platforms, KM got to something that resembled more information management and was focused on how to transfer this information from one to the other.

Help needed: Where do you share your hack?

I’m sure you’re a hacker. Yes, you. I am sure you already hacked something at least once in your life. You don’t believe me?

Dead or alive? Act agile!

When I tell people I am dealing with Knowledge Management, I normally get one of these three reactions: Wide eyes: What the hell are you talking about?

Knowing what it is that we know- using storytelling to get to our knowledge

In the management of knowledge, neither the individual nor the community is fully aware of the depth or range of its knowledge. Asking an individual what he knows in isolation from context of knowledge use just does not work.

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